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Let’s make our honey to get what it really entitled to.

Stay ahead of market uncertainty. BeeSTAR aims to sell healthy and pure honey to global market by most transparent and accurate way through its certification process.


Welcome to the Beekeepers’ hassle-free hive management.

LB Agtech is dedicated to helping beekeepers maximise their profit potential with a data and technology enabled direct-to-farm commerce and sustainability platform that redefines value and convenience.

Reduce Production Cost

BeeSTAR is not adding any burden on beekeepers, in fact it helps beekeepers to save energy and cost which then eventually increase the profit.

Prove that it is real pure honey

Everyone says their honey is the purest, but consumers still buy products based on beliefs rather than facts. Be outstanding and transparent.

Sales opportunity to global buyers.

Making sales is the obvious goal and it is undeniable. The ultimate purpose of having BeeSTAR is to sell 100% trustful honey and honey product to value focused customers in the international market.