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Technology that is really benefit for beekeepers

Make your toughest decision with the confidence of accurate real-world data



Smart Hive



Remote Management



Realtime Data


Early Warning

Solar Powered


Smart Hive + Telemetric + Analytics+ Remote management



BeeSTAR is not just another modern device that sells to the beekeepers. BeeSTAR is a trusted platform to certify and sell real Australian honey, which is harvested from the cleanest place on the planet, to the global market.

BeeSTAR provides the best conditions for honey to be sold on the global market whilst it helps beekeepers to manage their hive in the smartest, economical, and environmental way.


Precision and Accuracy

The accuracy and precision of the instrument is important. If the device malfunctions or sends an incorrect measurement to the user, the technology created for the user's convenience will only cause inconvenience.

LB Agtech partnered with NWI, which provides precision weighting and customised software applications through its network across Australia, to enable BeeSTAR's commercial stability and certification. (NWI-

Hive Safety

Protect your asset from unforeseen risks like theft, bushfire, bee swarming, and unknown loss of honey.

Hive Health

Provide health check of your hive inside and out 24/7 unmanned

Hive Management

Reduce your production cost whilst making beekeepers life better

Sales Platform

Produce the best quality honey and prove to sell at the most optised price.

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