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Game Changers


We respect beekeepers

We respect all those in the industry who have been producing healthy honey in the pristine Australian environment in the traditional way over the years. We also respect the methods and experiences of the past.

However, the global challenges we face in production and sales clearly exist, and we need to actively respond to these challenges.

Knowing Industry

Ray and Simon, who had been preparing to develop ideas and products for remote unmanned devices, had a conversation with Josh, a young beekeeper of South Australia, about Honey, and had an opportunity to hear about the various situations facing the beekeepers.

During that conversation, we got a look at the current reality of the Australian beekeeping industry and an opportunity to closely look at the global honey market. And we came to two conclusions:

  1. The way honey is produced is the domain of God. It is a business that takes place under conditions beyond the control of the weather and bees.
  2. Compared to the sales amount of honey sold in the global honey market, the income earned by beekeepers in Australia is relatively small compared to the work they do.

And we started to study how to create a more controllable production environment and how to create conditions where beekeepers can take more profits.


We are true market believers

We believe the bottom line lies in the market, making products that can be marketed, and reducing the distribution process so that consumers can enjoy more of better honey at a better price. We don't think technology is lacking in our time. However, we decided that it was important to arrange and adjust the technologies that are right for us so that consumers and producers can use them beneficially.



And we came to develop BeeSTAR. BeeSTAR will serve as a platform that connects producers and consumers and will increase market credibility by proving and certifying products that consumers want, and this credibility lies in transparency and accuracy.

LB Agtech has developed BeeSTAR with a focus on transparency and accuracy, and is currently testing it, and plans to supply BeeSTAR to over 100 apiaries soon for upscale testing across Australia.


Members & Vision

Each of our members has a role to play. Ray is in charge of the market, Simon is the execution, Josh is in the production & agricultural matters, Kellie is in business development & public relation, and Johnathon is in the technology development.

We will soon see our vision become an opportunity to bring innovation and a better life to Australian beekeepers.



Simon Burt

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Simon is an entrepreneur and co-founder focused on making a difference through applied solutions. He is a keen customer advocate and committed to making a significant impact by utilising technology in the agriculture sector. Simon is committed to environmentally friendly farming practices and developing carbon-neutral solutions into the future. Simon is hands-on through all business processes and specialises in production management, stakeholder engagement and sustainable farming practices. With 20 years of experience in starting and running companies, he knows that you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with. 
With a passion for farming and people, it's with great pleasure Simon is actively involved and dedicated to being a leader and leaving a legacy.

Ray Seungmin Kwon

Founder and Chief Strategic/Commercial Officer

Ray, a founder of LB Agtech, provides a pivotal role as a visionary with 15 years of professional experience in international business.
Ray has created an innovative business model that benefits every stakeholder in the agricultural supply chain.
With Ray's extensive knowledge working with large corporate companies, Ray is highly professional and well respected by his peers. With a passion for making a difference for our future generations, Ray focuses on contributing with strategies and technology to mitigate the global food crisis we are facing into the future.

Josh Nurse

Founder and Head of Agriculture

Josh is a third-generation farmer with a keen interest in beekeeping and honey production; a passion for regenerative agriculture has led Josh to look at the most effective and efficient management that is beneficial to the beekeeping industry and rotational crops and soil management. Josh is now managing 100 hives and growing each year. With a philosophy of giving back what you take out and keeping the bees healthy and productive, he will continue to learn and develop new strategies into the future.

Jonathon Moraitis

Chief Technology Officer

Johnathan leads the team developing our technology and software platform in a joint venture with LB Agtech and NWI group. Our partnership will enhance beekeeping productivity and practices by offering a modern platform with remote monitoring and analytics.

Kellie Beattie

Business Development & Public Relations

Kellie is a professional engagement specialist who helps businesses boost sales, leads and conversions by attracting and engaging more people. 

Neil Mulcahy


Neil is on our Advisory board and our senior mentor with years of experience in agriculture. Specialising in Provenance-based food supply.