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  • LB Agtech

    We Buy

    LB Agtech is “Location Based Agricultural Technology that provides “hassle free hive management” for beekeepers and “trustful food source” for consumers.

  • LB Agtech

    We Buy, We Sell, We Share

    We buy BeeSTAR certified honey from beekeepers and sell to global customers who want trustful and verifiable food. Then we share the profit from global markets with beekeepers to create a virtuous cycle.

  • LB Agtech

    We Help

    BeeSTAR, the ultimate A to Z solution that helps smart beekeepers will helps transparent process of production, management, and sales for every stakeholder.

Farms on Palm Technology

LB AGTECH was created to serve a growing demand of agricultural needs from the highly populated countries in Asia Pacific and Middle East, searching for “trustful food origin” and “provable high-quality honey”, which enabled us to build our unique Location-Based Agricultural Technologyfor the benefit of Australian beekeepers and farmers by providing simple smart technology on their palm.

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Our Vision & Commitment

Circular Farming Solution

Instead of farming the crops and using bees to pollinate, we are going to use the crops as feed for the bees and harvest the crops as a secondary source of a Location Based agri-product.

Market Driven Production

We will benefit beekeepers and farmers by operating a platform that provide information about appropriate yields and products that can be sold on the market by smart farming technology.

Transparent Process

The data collected through the smart farming technology we developed will provide products that are worthy of the money consumers pay, reward farmers appropriately for their sweat, and provide transparency in business-to-business transactions

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